Treatment with Acupuncture

Considering various health problems that can be relieved by this type of treatment, back pain and acupuncture is mostly associated with each other. Studies conducted have provided proof that using acupuncture for lower back pain is successfully effective. Moreover, the effect of acupuncture can last for months, is safe and comes without negative side effects.*

Acupuncture for Back Pain

It is quite common to experience pain in different parts of the body, especially for those who have an active lifestyle. As it is, back pain and pain in the lower extremities (e.g. hip, knee, quads, leg) are often reported to be experienced by most. With the availability of various medications and other treatments, our Miami acupuncture center stands out as one the most effective alternative treatments for these kinds of pain.*

Acupuncture is a form of treatment which involves needle insertion to specific points, also known as “acupuncture points”, in the body. It is a key component of Chinese medicine and is primarily used to treat different kinds of body pain.*

One possible cause of back pain is spinal stenosis, a condition that is caused by the narrowing or compression of the spaces within the spine. This condition can affect different parts of the spine, although around 75% of reported cases occur in the lower back. Effective treatment of this can be done through acupuncture and spinal stenosis can also be treated through medications and physical therapy.

Conditions or injuries affecting the lower back can also lead to hip pain. Hip pain can be severe or chronic and can affect walking, running and other activities done involving the hip.  Apart from medications and physical therapy, applying acupuncture for hip pain is an excellent option to relieve the pain, especially for those who are not yet ready to undergo hip surgery.

The use of acupuncture can be traced back centuries ago, and up until this modern age, this ancient method is still being applied because of its effectiveness in pain treatment.


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