Acupuncture in Miami is a traditional Chinese medicinal technique used to naturally treat pain and other ailments on the human body. This is accomplished by inserting very thin needles into key points on the body which, according to traditional Chinese medicine, are said to coincide with a person’s meridians which are tied to their qi or their life force. By targeting these various meridians, a person can achieve an overall improved wellness and help manage things like stress, headaches, menstrual cramps, neck pain, back pain, etc.

However, most people are quite curious to know how often they should do acupuncture. Is it a “one and your done” type treatment or should you expect to come in for routine treatments throughout the month. Well, it all quite simply comes down to what you are trying to accomplish in your overall health which we shall explain shortly. There are generally three types of care that our patients come to expect from acupuncture which are (1) short term care, (2) transitional care, and (3) routine care (or as we lovingly put it –– natural body tune-ups.

Short Term Care

As the name states, this level of care is targeted for patients who are new to the acupuncture world or who require care for recent injuries, symptoms of a chronic condition, or sudden flare-ups from a condition that was previously in remission. For this stage, patients can typically expect to come in for more intense treatments frequently within a short period of time especially if they are seeking relief from something like an injury. For more chronic conditions, patients can expect regular treatments but spread out over a longer period of time.

*It’s important to remember that while acupuncture in Miami is a natural, holistic approach to pain management, it is not something that will relieve pain overnight or even within one or two sessions. Your pain manifested over a period of time so relieving it will require just as much.

Transitional Care

After attending a certain amount of sessions, you should start to see results including improvement on your pain or condition. Once this happens, you’ll want to continue to come in so that your symptoms don’t become worse and to maintain the now pleasant level of health that you now have.

That is where transitional care comes in. Simply put, you still come in for treatments but your sessions will be spread out further and further until we find a frequency that works best for you and will help maintain the health goals that you desire. It’s all about finding that “sweet spot”.

Natural Body Tune-Ups

Lastly, we have maintenance care which is exactly that –– keeping your body within that “sweet spot” we discussed earlier. What does that mean exactly? Once we have determined that point in between sessions where your body starts to regress back into that “unhealthy state”, we suggest regular “tune-ups”. Kind of like how you would maintain a car. To keep it running well, you take it to get regular oil changes, tire rotations, etc. The same goes for your body.

Some people do just fine with monthly maintenance treatments while others can go 3 months before they start to feel bad again. Once you have gotten to this point, it’s all about utilizing acupuncture in Miami as the preventative medicine option it is –– to prevent your symptoms and pain from returning.

Maintaining Our Natural, Healthy Rhythm with Acupuncture in Miami

If you are looking for a natural way to keep up with your health and wellness, then using preventative medicine like acupuncture is certainly an option that can save you time, pain, and money in the long term. At Sound Acupuncture Miami, our acupuncturists use this traditional Chinese medicinal technique to help relieve pain, stress, and symptoms from our patients daily. We do our best to tailor to our clients needs and to provide the best possible customer experience that we can offer.

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