As tired as the phrase, “You can’t put a price tag on your health,” may be, when you have the chance to get the best nutritional advice available, you’re going to grab it. And while cost is an issue that affects all areas of our lives—not to mention insurance coverage—we know that the highest price of all to pay is poor health, decreased quality of life, and the spiritual devastation that comes with it.

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing is a method that subscribes to Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, that sees food and health as parts of a whole. Through an understanding of food and its role in health, healing, and optimal functioning, Nutrition Response Testing teaches us just how intimately and integrally our body functions are.

Your overall health can be determined through evaluations of muscle functions, reflex responses, and overall functioning. What we eat guides our functioning which is why poor nutrition often yields poor results. Conversely, quality nutrition generally yields higher functioning and greater ability.

What is in Our Food?

According to Western medicine, food is a series of components that act separately to create good flavors and enjoyable experiences. Eating is a social event as much as one that is required for physical energy and sustenance. Traditional Chinese Medicine shares an entirely different approach to nutrition, foods, herbs, spices, and just about anything we can consume.

Food, with in the Nutrition Response Testing paradigm, focuses not only the physical act of eating, but why we are eating and the parts of the body and soul most affected by what we are consuming. In fact, each taste, texture, and substance corresponds to an organ, organ system, and function that stimulates, inhibits, or encourages other ancillary body functions.

Within the Traditional Chinese Medicine belief system, food is way in which to heal more than just consume. It vitally impacts the ways in which we walk, talk, think, feel, and experience the world around us. It is for all of these reasons then, that what we eat, how often, and in what quantities is so important. Additionally, it is the quality of our foods that really helps us achieve our health goals.

Nutrition Response Testing Results and Implications

Once you have been determined to be a candidate for Nutrition Response Testing in Miami, Florida, and by extension, received a health report and evaluation of where you stand, Dr. Michael Forman, DOM, will establish a diet plan that includes not only the types of foods and specific items you need for your health, but supplements that were created explicitly for you.

The ultimate goals include a restoration of health, holistic care, and understanding of the ways in which health can invigorate and regenerate, and return your body and soul to the state they were meant to be in.

Nutrition Response Testing in Miami

Like many medical services, nutrition response testing requires several visits to the office. At Sound Acupuncture of Miami, Dr. Michael Forman’s office will schedule you for several visits. By the end, you’ll have the nutritional information that you require to balance your diet and live a cleaner, healthier life.

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