What is Nutritional Response Testing?

Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) is a practice in which your overall health and functioning is evaluated by assessing your reflexes, muscle movement, and the flow of energy that occurs between acupressure points. NRT practitioners are able to determine how healthy you are, and how to best treat the conditions with which you struggle. The goal of this treatment is not simply to medicate your symptoms away, since that merely addresses how they manifest. Rather, Nutritional Response Testing is aimed at finding and dealing directly with the underlying causes of your medical problems.

Many medical providers spend precious little time with their patients, including those who visit when they feel most vulnerable and unwell. As a result, symptoms may be addressed but often, the root of the problem is overlooked, ignored, or completely missed. What this does is perpetuate a cycle in which proverbial band aids are applied (through prescription use) and then repeated over and over again. How amazing it is then that Nutritional Response Testing allows our personal standard of care to go beyond the use and abuse of prescription drugs and practitioners who do not have enough time for their patients. Instead, NRT moves us to the frontier and beyond of personal agency over our well being.

Standard Process and Designed Clinical Nutrition

Once your health needs have been analyzed and a program that caters to your specific needs has been developed, a Nutritional Response Testing practitioner can design a dietary program that includes organic foods, as well as supplements, that let the healing begin.

The foods available to us nowadays are full of pesticides and a literal garden variety of toxins. These chemicals harm us by damaging our food supply. Additionally, foods that were once considered healthy, now lack the vital nutrients they once contained. With the proliferation of bagged, packaged, frozen, and preservative- laden foods, it is no wonder that our health is suffering.

Designed Clinical Nutrition

Part of Nutritional Response Testing is determining which vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you are lacking or overproducing. Having too little or too much of these substances is most often the underlying cause of what ails you. That is why a targeted, clinical nutrition program that includes real food and custom made supplements, is necessary. By using a program that tells you what foods to eat and providing you with the supplements that will treat your conditions, true health is achievable.

Designed Clinical Nutrition is a program used in NRT that promotes the consumption of genuine, organic food as well as Standard Process supplements. The reason Standard Process is used is because their products are designed with the kind of purity and authenticity you can rely on. Each supplement is created with the exact nutrient levels your body requires in order to feel better. While the goal is not to rely on these supplements, their benefit and complimentary support cannot be underestimated.

Standard Process

Established in 1929, Standard Process subscribes, as it has for over 100 years, to the idea that food in its purest forms is more than just sustenance, but possesses the ability to nurture and heal. Based on Standard Process’ values, the best way to live the healthiest life you can is by actualizing what and who you are in your totality so that optimal health is within reach.

Standard Process supplements are created through a complex, scientific process. After extracting ingredients from whole foods, these nutrients are combined with nutritionally sound compounds. Once this process is complete, NRT clients are afforded tailor made supplements.

Comprehensive Care That Goes Back to Basics

Nutrition Response Testing, Designed Clinical Nutrition and Standard Process supplements, provide a structured, natural way to restore your health. NRT challenges the notion that we ought to accept care that keeps us in a constant state of less- than optimal health. Sound Acupuncture of Miami understands that with a return to basics and natural products, you deserve better.

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