Imagine being able to evaluate your health without undergoing radiation-generating exams. Imagine still, receiving an extensive, thorough report on the state of your health without invasive tests, IV’s, or any form of unnecessary poking or prodding. While Western Medicine tends to rely on the tools, machines, and medications at its disposal, Traditional Chinese Medicine looks to the body itself for guidance, for it knows that the answers to how well we are functioning lie within, and not in a test tube, laboratory, or centrifuge.

Nutrition Response Testing Explained

There are a number of non- invasive ways by which to evaluate one’s health on microcellular levels as well as macro levels of overall functioning. The beliefs to which our practice subscribes allow us to analyze your overall health by listening to your body and truly hearing what it has to say. Through Nutrition Response Testing, certified practitioners examine musculature, reflexes, and energy flow, or chi, as it moves throughout the body. Without elaborate testing, needle stabs, or lengthy wait times, we can provide you with a synopsis of your health, the ways in which personalized nutritional supplements can treat it, all without the use of drugs, radiation, or surgical procedures.

Reflexes and Acupressure Points

You may be wondering how we can determine your health status by testing your patellar reflex or the small intestine #3 pressure point. Well, one of the most important ways we gather our information is by not only assessing your reflexes and meridians but observing the neurological responses and ways in which your body responds to key stimuli. How is this done?  Allow us to explain.

Acupressure Points

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are pressure points, or meridians, throughout the body that correspond to specific organs. If, upon physical exam there appears to be a blockage in the flow of energy connected to or emanating from these points, we can determine what organ systems need to be treated, how best to intervene, and what type of supplements we will need to create for you.


Your reflexes, much like acupressure points, correspond to specific organ systems and their functions. If tests that measure one’s central and peripheral nervous system reflexes result in delayed, repetitive, or otherwise unexpected responses, interventions targeting the system connected to that reflex can and should, be treated.

The Nutritional Response

Based on the results of a full body exam, including a thorough analysis of your energy flow, acupressure points, and reflexes, we can formulate a program designed to help your body heal itself. Because there are so many additives and chemicals within our food supply, we can no longer rely on consuming a “nutritious diet” or “healthy eating plan.” That is why Sound Acupuncture of Miami, Florida provides you with painstakingly formulated supplements that are made for you, your body, and your specific set of symptoms. We pull out all the stops when it comes to your health and want every reflex and acupressure point to function as optimally as possible.

Care that is this personalized puts you in charge of your health. With treatment that is targeted rather than largely ancillary, your body is bound to respond with the kindness and healing with which you are treating it. Our physical selves, much like our emotional states, function best when they are really and truly listened to.

How to Proceed with Nutrition Response Testing

Our holistic approach to integrated, personalized healthcare is well known in the Miami area. The team at Sound Acupuncture is invested in meeting with you and learning what your goals are. We encourage you to contact Dr. Michael Forman for a consultation and hope that we can help you help yourself live the healthy life you deserve.

Our bodies can tell us, and those to whom we entrust our care, so much all on their own. Sound Acupuncture of Miami is ready to listen.

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