Michael Forman received his doctorate degree from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine with a specialization in internal medicine. He also has a post doctorate certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition, which is the clinical application of concentrated food, homeopathic and herbal-based medicines to health problems and diseases.

Dr. Forman has been involved in the healing arts for many years and has studied under several outstanding and prestigious physicians in the course of his learning and development. He brings a unique combination of competence combined with a caring touch that helps his patients achieve their full health potential.

Most of Dr. Forman’s patients have been able to reduce or eliminate some or all of the medications they have been taking and are well on their way restoring their health.

Michael Forman Bio

In addition to being devoted to the on-going study of health and healing, Michael has 3 daughters, 8 grandchildren and enjoys snow skiing, running and playing the piano.