Many of us suffer from pain, chronic symptoms, illness, and disease, yet we choose to do nothing about it. Perhaps we think that we are simply aging, that our symptoms are not severe enough for action, or that being ill is our normal state. We may have tried different programs without success and have been unable to find an integrative health program that will get to the bottom of why we are suffering.

If you are living with any such chronic symptom or disease, or want to get yourself assessed, Total Health Restoration can help you achieve your wellness goals and optimize your health. We help you understand how, as well as why, your body reacts in a certain way to a particular disease or illness. Asking why is the key to the treatment and prevention of future symptoms.

The process of healing happens naturally in the human body if it receives what it truly needs. Dr. Forman combines the centuries-old knowledge of natural, nontoxic therapies with present day advancement in the field of health to provide the body its true requirements.*

You may believe that you are eating a healthy diet, but what is healthy for one person may actually be toxic for another. Even if you are eating mostly whole grains, fruits and vegetables (with the occasional treat), your body may be putting up an immune response that is compromising the vitality of your organs. There is simply no such thing as a diet that works for everyone. Most of us don’t get serious about eating healthier until our health is compromised.


But eating a better diet is not enough to correct the problem. Because of soil erosion, pesticides and genetic modifications irreversible applied to crops, even the best food does not provide the nutrients required to restore the long term degeneration causing symptoms and disease.

Our approach to correcting the underlying causes to correct health problems is to identify the specific organ dysfunctions and nutritional deficiencies that lie at the cause of the symptoms and handling those deficiencies with the appropriate supplementation to fix it. These supplements are specific concentrated whole food medicines available only through a physician. They are made to address specific clinical nutritional deficiencies.*

This method is completely safe and natural. We can work with patients of any age, patients who are pregnant, who have an existing diagnosis or are on medications. Our youngest patient is 2 years old and our oldest is 75. Both are doing fine.

Many of our patients have been able to reduce or eliminate some or all the medications they have been taking and are well on their way to full health restoration.*