Lymphedema results from the impaired flow or blockage in one’s lymphatic system, which prevents proper draining of lymph fluid. This condition leads to swelling of the arms or legs or both. Breast cancer patients after breast surgery involving the removal of lymph nodes would usually develop lymphedema.

There is as of yet no available cure for lymphedema. However, physical therapy and other compression treatments can help manage swelling and reduce discomfort.

At our Miami acupuncture facility we provide alternative treatment to help manage lymphedema. Studies on acupuncture and lymphedema have been shown to be effective while generally safe in managing its symptoms. More than this, expenditure on managing lymphedema proves to be costly, time-consuming and temporary, and thus, there is a need for other effective and successful means like acupuncture, which could help treat this condition.*

Patients with lymphedema have reported various benefits associated with acupuncture treatment such as:

  • Reduced pain, heaviness and discomfort
  • Reduced stressed and anxiety levels
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep

For acupuncture and lymphedema treatment, it would be recommended to get the services of a highly experienced and legitimate acupuncture physician to avoid infections and other adverse effects due to the sensitivity of this health condition.

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