Hello. My name is Rob. I started with Dr. Forman on May 1st. It’s now July 14th. I was diagnosed several years ago with hypothyroidism. I was placed on Synthroid and I realized I was starting to get more bloated, I would exercise and not lose weight, I felt lethargic…I felt ‘crappy’. I was told about Dr. Forman and I came here. He has guided me (and his staff) on how to eat better and how to utilize the supplements they provided. The educational aspects of it has been great and I’m feeling so much better. I’m off the Synthroid and my blood w0rk came back 2 weeks ago and my levels are normal. I feeling very grateful, very energized. Even my depression is virtually gone…I’m just feeling a lot better and a lot positive about things. I feel that now I’m going to be able to lose the weight. So, I’m so grateful to Dr. Forman and his staff. Thank you.


Hi. I’m Doris. I’m here with Dr. Forman. I’m very happy. I used to get sick. Every month I was getting colds. For more than a year I was taking antibiotics for my cold,so I came to see Dr. Forman. Now I’m in 6 weeks of my treatment and I feel really really well. I’m very happy, very energetic, no more colds. I feel the difference.


Hello, my name is Juliet and I came to see Dr. Forman a year ago with a number of problems. A major one for me was obesity and the issues with losing the weight. I thought I was coming in to just get a fix on that and a handle on that and what I ended up doing was being able to help fix myself from the inside out, thought I had numerous other issues that I no longer have. I feel better than I ever felt in my life and it’s a long journey and I’ve tried everything before now. It’s just something that I can’t recommend enough to anybody who really needs help; this is the place to go.


Hi, my name is Kelly Corso I am 43 years old. I initially started coming because I had chronic bronchial issues, I couldn’t breathe for a long time. I would go to the doctor and they would give me a round of steroids and it would be better for a little bit but it always kept on coming back. So, somebody referred me to Dr. Forman. I didn’t want to take steroids anymore and the fact that it kept coming back I thought that I needed to see him. I did think that it was a bunch of hog wash, I’m not going to lie there, but I was willing to see him because I couldn’t breathe. So, it’s been ten weeks now; I can breathe, I can take a big breathe. I would have to say the biggest plus from the whole thing is that when you go to the doctor for your issue, you may have many other issues but they only want to deal with that one issue at a time. With Dr. Forman, I told him about my whole life’s history of issues from bad breath to fatigue to – you name it I told him. With this process, he’s addressing all of those issues. So not only can I breathe, I don’t have bad breath anymore and I’m not tired anymore – cold hands, whatever it is, it’s really amazing stuff and I think that everyone should participate.


Hi, my name is Marieta Marrero. I’ve been with Dr. Forman already for 6 weeks; originally I came because of my Hashimotos thyroid. I wanted to have my hair loss, my shortness of breath, and ringing of the ears under control. I am happy to say that most of my symptoms are already gone with the exception of my hair which we are still working on. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for an alternative to chemicals and medicine to come to him and get a whole different perspective on how to get well from the inside out.

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