Top Seven Hidden Spots in Miami

Everyone here at Michael Forman, DOM acupuncture Miami loves Miami. The beautiful thing about Miami is it truly is a melting pot of cultures. People who hail from all around the world have come to call Miami home, which is what makes it such an eclectic place. Truly unique when compared to anywhere else in the world. Due to this, there is always something new, waiting, almost hiding around every corner. In fact, there are locations even most locals don’t know about, each of which delivers something almost magical. Here are seven of the top hidden spots in all of Miami. 

Rogue’s Courtyard

The Fresh restaurant looks like it is frozen in time. With Moroccan designs and a beautiful outdoor fireplace, the spot in North Beach is a must visit when you want something unique and different from the norm. 

19th Hole and the Biltmore

The Biltmore Hotel stands out from the rest of the Coral Gables surroundings. Beyond taking a break from a Miami Hurricanes game, The Biltmore provides a beautiful golf course. Many consider it one of the top courses in the state. However, you don’t need to hit the links just to enjoy the well quaffed beauty. With the 19th Hold Bar & Grill at The Biltmore, it is possible to enjoy a delicious meal and a refreshing beverage all at the same time. 

The Little Farm House

You don’t need to drive to Key West to experience a traditional Key West home. This house has been used in all sorts of different movies, plus with the lush forest and trees surrounding the grounds it makes it feel like you stumbled upon a secret little village just off of Miami River. 


Situated in the beautiful Coconut Grove community of Miami is a nine acre home called The Kampong. Here there is an incredible mixture of Spanish and southeastern Asian styling. It is as if someone transplanted a small portion of Thailand and mixed it with traditional Spanish decorations to come up with something truly unique. Plus, as one of the largest saltwater mangrove forests in all of southern Florida, the destination is as beautiful as it is curious.

Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple

Speaking of East meets West, Miami is typically known for Roman Catholic churches and Jewish synagogues. However, there are an assortment of different religious facilities throughout the city. This includes this Buddhist temple. Most locals visit The Redlands region of Miami for the baked goods and antique markets. However, hidden away is the Theravada Buddhist temple. It has been up for over 30 years. It also allows visitors to walk in through its doors. It is an excellent spot to just take in the local beauty and to center oneself.  

Stoneage Antiques

South Florida is a hotspot for retired individuals. They come here for the surf and the sun. They also bring items near and dear to their hearts. Due to this, Miami is an antique hunter’s dream.

One of the best destinations in the entire city is Stoneage Antiques. This is especially the case if you love historical artifacts. You can find anything from 18th century cannons to wagon wheels. If you’ve been looking for something, make sure to check out Stoneage

El Fresco Courtyard

Tucked away just outside of Little Havana is the El Fresco Courtyard. Here, visitors will find a collection of art displays, picnic tables, performances that seem to matriculate out of nowhere, and a few fun food trucks that also functions as portable bars as well. It is as if the location just kind of pops up out of nowhere. It is also what makes it such an incredible, hidden spot. 

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