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You deserve to know exactly what your condition really is and all treatment options. Too often, doctors are recommending treatments without informing patients that there may be other choices. At Total Health Restoration we believe patients can make the right choice only when they know the full range of possibilities for treatment. This is why we offer a full, comprehensive consultation and review of medical history at no charge. 

Experts in modern Functional medicine

Very frequently, sufferers of chronic degenerative health problems, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, thyroid issues, migraine headaches, insomnia and gastro-intestinal disorders, find themselves in a state of shock to learn firsthand just how limited standard treatments are.

This is because the majority of recent medical developments have been focused on expensive acute and emergency procedures and interventions. Chronic disease sufferers have been left to fend for themselves. This has resulted in a rash of ineffective therapies in which doctors are forced to use outdated drugs to treat conditions for which those medications were never designed.

This has given rise to Modern Functional Medicine; a discipline being adopted by more and more physicians. This form of medicine focuses on eliminating the underlying cause of the disease or health condition.

All aspects of the patient’s system are taken into account. Organ, hormone and nervous system functionality are carefully examined and treated to correct that which is not working properly. The result is much more effective resolution of most chronic diseases, giving patients real hope; and even the possibility of reversing the condition.

At Total Health Restoration, we are experts in Modern Functional Medicine. 

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How our Practice is Different

Total Health Restoration with Dr. Michael Forman, DOM, P.A.


Dr. Michael Forman

Many patients complain that their doctor does not spend enough time with them, touch them or even listen to them. This leaves them with the feeling that they are not receiving excellent care.

At Total Health Restoration, we take as much time as needed to give a thorough, interactive evaluation for the patient.

There is no symptom that we ignore. We are interested in everything our patients have to say because they are the one who really know what they are experiencing. How many times have we all heard someone say “my doctor says everything’s fine, even though I don’t feel well”.

Although we are experts in biochemical analysis, we don’t only rely on lab work. We conduct thorough physical evaluations and redo any test that is not clear.

We also rely on the patient’s input and our many years of clinical experience to come to a determination.

When a patient leaves our office, they have a strong sense that finally someone truly cares about their distressful health condition. We often hear patients say: ‘I have never been to a doctor’s office like this!”

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