A Good Diet Isn’t Enough


Of the 17 largest and most technologically advanced countries in the world, the US is ranked dead last in terms of health and longevity by the WHO. The average American is 23 pounds overweight. It is estimated that currently by the age of 65, 77% of Americans are diabetic or pre-diabetic and within the next 6 years, 1 in 2 Americans will have diabetes or be pre-diabetic. Diabetes aka high blood sugar is the #1 cause of blindness, kidney failure and amputations in adults. And it is making us fat…leading to other diseases like high blood pressure, cardiac stress and low immune function to name a few.

Our society consumes more sugar per capita than any society ever known. Processed foods, preservatives and chemicalized foods abound and are becoming more common. Our soil has been depleted because of a lack of crop rotation, pesticides and genetically modified additives.

And because of this soil erosion, primarily due to irresponsible agri-business, improved diet and lifestyle has made restoring our health sufficiently to overcome the long term deterioration causing symptoms and disease, close to impossible. Imagine that 1 pound of spinach in 1945 had the nutritional content of 55 pounds of spinach today. 1 orange in 1950 was equivalent to more than 15 oranges today. And modifications to grains have been irreversibly applied rendering them almost indigestible as evidenced by the myriad of claims of gluten sensitivities.

Our system of health is not working because we are not focused on the right thing…nutritional deficiencies. Like any magic trick, the magician needs a plausible diversion to make the audience believe the trick works. In the case of modern healthcare, the diversion is the miraculous lifesaving procedures and emergency care that keeps our attention off of the real problem…chronic degenerative disease. Treating these diseases with pharmaceutical drugs is like the gorilla who can hit a 400 yard drive 2 feet from the hole and goes to finish the hole only to hit another 400 yard shot…the ball never goes in the hole.

People have been misled into the mistaken belief that suppressing symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs is somehow curing the disease. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality, the disease is getting worse.

It is a medical fact that our body is in a constant effort to maintain what we call homeostasis (or stability) and therefore has to adjust to every drug intervention with side effects to compensate. And please don’t confuse side effects with the notion of side dishes. They are not minor, but rather major concerns because they represent not just one, but multiple new diseases and conditions now required by the body to compensate for the intervention. And this is where health spirals in a downward direction.

So why is the US health care system ranked so low by the World Health Organization? After all, we can sew a finger back, transplant a Kidney, and replace the Cochlear fibers in the ear of a 1 month old baby!

Because we have delegated the responsibility for our health and well-being to pharmaceutical intervention without a plan to address the underlying cause of particular declines in health.

This is where an integrative approach to healthcare is so vital. Isolating and treating symptoms together with a strategy to correct the causes.

So in order to solve these problems for real, what needs to be done is to identify what specific organ dysfunction and nutritional deficiencies are at the cause of the problem. What makes this a challenge, is that each person and problem presents a unique set of deficiencies because each person’s life experience and nutritional intake has been unique over the course of their lives.

For example, in the case of sleep difficulty, we need to find out exactly what specific organ dysfunction and nutritional deficiency is at the root of YOUR sleep problem, not your sister’s or neighbor’s.

This requires a competent system of analysis in order to make an accurate determination, and then the right concentration of food source in the right amounts to get the body functioning again.

So to do this, we use a variety of clinically proven tests and testing techniques, make a determination and design a specific program of supplementation needed to fix the problem. This supplementation is in the form of concentrated whole food nutrients that are only available through a physician like myself. We then supervise the administration of these over a treatment course to get the results desired.*

So if you or someone you know someone isn’t sleeping well, is worried about their blood sugar, gets sick with a cold all the time, has chronic fatigue and wants real help, I implore you to send them to have a consultation with me, Michael Forman DOM.

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