Miami’s Most Endangered Locales

Our Miami acupuncture team truly cares about the Miami environment. While Miami continues to remain one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, some of the city’s most popular areas are endangered. The South Florida area is under constant threat from political, financial, and environmental issues. As a result, some of the residents’ favorite areas are in danger of becoming extinct. What are the most endangered areas in Miami?

10. North Beach

Everyone knows about South Beach, but North Beach is also popular. It is known for its revitalizing neighborhoods, unique atmosphere, and the history it contains. The entire area has a modern style popular during the 1950s. Unfortunately, it has become run down in recent years and it shows no signs of stopping. People who want to see the North Beach persist should donate to PlanNoBe.

9. Dr. DuPuis: Medical Office and Drug Store

This popular landmark is located in Lemon City and has been called Little Haiti by tourists and residents alike. Dr. DuPuis opened this popular site around the turn of the century. Unfortunately, it has become abandoned and has been falling apart. It is known for its arcade but someone needs to restore the building to keep the doors open.

8. Miami-Dade County Courthouse

While this is a popular place for people to visit it actually is on the endangered list because the historic landmark is simply falling apart. The local government has debated whether or not it is worth saving. Hopefully, the government decides to keep it repaired.

7. Coconut Grove Playhouse

The Coconut Grave Playhouse was originally opened in 1926. For decades, it was the epicenter for culture in the neighborhood. It has also played host to countless plays as Miami’s premier theater. Unfortunately, it isn’t used for much these days and has been deteriorating quickly.

6. Little Havana

While many people looking to experience a little culture come to this area, this region is actually a diverse place for people looking for a lower cost of living. Unfortunately, it has become subject to gentrification and many people cannot afford to live in the area for much longer.

5. Biscayne Aquifer and Bay

While most people think the bay still looks beautiful, it has suffered the damages of environmental change. This includes runoff from fertilizers and golf courses along with warming ocean temperatures. This can damage the animals living in the bay along with the plants that grow on the bottom.

4. Biscayne National Park

This beautiful park faces many of the same problems as the bay. The park is an oasis near downtown that was created to protect the corals and animals that inhabit them. Unfortunately, the water quality has dropped due to acidification that bleaches the corals and has been killing the animals.

3. Miami Marine Stadium

This stadium used to host popular shows for decades. Gloria Estefan even played here. In the past few years, it hasn’t been used as much. This has led to a deterioration in conditions. A restoration effort is needed to keep it open.

2. The Everglades

This area is well-known as one of the unique ecosystems on the planet. It has played home to mangroves and alligators along with providing the drinking water for the state. The environmental conditions have damaged the Everglades to the point that the ecosystem might collapse.

1. Richmond Pine Rocklands

This is also a unique ecosystem known for the limestone rock and slash pine along with the wildflowers. The ecosystem has been ripped up and developed by large corporations in recent years that has released environmentally damaging waste that has destroyed the area. It is danger of being destroyed completely.

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